Sunday, January 10, 2010


No, not snow here..... I wish...., But snow,yes! The icy pure white snow that is in all the Christmas songs and NEVER comes to the Desert. Ya, that snow!!!
We were invited to an amazing cabin up in Flagstaff, it was SO nice!!! The little snowflakes on the ground that would sink when you walked through them. (No snow falling when we were there! :( We had a BLAST with the Cardons!!
Not including the AMAZING Sacrament Meeting we had!! All the parents were laughing about getting so early and joking about how much we were going to really LISTEN in the second row. Until they saw all of us in a row just sitting and listening to a 17 year old exchange student and her spiritual testimony in English, (which she learned).After, Rebecca told us that this was the most shes ever listed in Sacrament Meeting. After that I wonder how they felt.
Anyway, we loved it!!!

Sledding was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!

Thanks, Cardons!!!
P.S. My mom took ALL these pics!! There AMAZING right!!!
P.S.S. I just learned how to get my pictures on my blog larger!!! What do you think?? And im making a new Blog Heading so be prepared!!!


Noelle said...

Hey Elle. Its Noelle. Tell your mom good jod on the pictures! We also went to the snow!!!

Linda said...

Hi Elle, LOVE the larger format! So fun to see you guys. You're just getting too beautiful though!

We're in Amman Jordon today. Go to to see what we're doing on this big trip every once in a while.

Summer said...

Wow!! Love the pics! My aunt just turned 48 years old!!