Saturday, April 17, 2010

First (real) photoshoot! :)

A couple weeks ago... I had my first (real) photoshoot! It was a BLAST! The kids were adorable, the lighting was great, but one thing was a little sad. We all met each other and marched through the tall plants. I started to take the pictures of Paisley and Ethan but in just a few minutes, a lady pulled up by the field and told us that what we were taking pictures in was "private property" and that the plants were just sprayed with a lot of pesticides. She explained that she would NOT be letting her babies be in the field. We slowly got out and then decided to take my first photoshoot right on the dirt next to the field. Yes, it was a fun adventure. After all that, here are the pictures........
Awesome Ethan (up)
and sweet Paisley (up)
They were REALLY adorable and Ethan was encouraged to smile when he found out he would get a "Zhu Zhu Pet" for being so good. Let me tell you one thing, he worked hard, (even with the sun shining right at him sometimes).
If you can see Paisley at the side of the picture, ya, you can tell she wasn't a fan of the blanket, but her brother would just deal with it.

Ethan and Paisley both had the prettiest eyes.
It was SO fun to take pictures of them and I hope I can again later on!!!