Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Blog!!!

Well, unfortunately this post will not have any pics but i promise the next post will have pics from the cabins and Bear Lake!!!

The good news is that my friend and I made a new blog!

It is on the right hand side with my fave blogs!!! It is titled: Hannah and Elle (The cooking blog!)
Check it out!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i have SO many things to catch up on but for now, school!
i can not wait for school!!! 6 more days of summer! :( sad, but i cant wait until i rule the school with all my friends! my teacher (who im SO excited about!) is Mr. Spommer!!! My brother had him and he thought he was a blast!!! a whole bunch of my friends r in that class 2 ( including my friends that r just moving to the school, Hannah Suzuki, Reagen, and more, im so spoiled!) but it is also sad cause some of my friends r in other classes 2! they think there teachers wont be so bright but ive still heard great things! cant wait!!!
Bear Lake was a blast (like always) it was fun 2 see my family!!! pictures hopfully in the next post so beware for a long post!!!!
Aspen Grove 2!!! love it! i havent been there forever but we got the chance 2 go again and im so blessed! we meet new friends and got together with old friends too!!! we went on a 4 mile hike up to some beautiful waterfalls that i wish so much i had a camera 4! our counclers were great! we wanted 2 stay up forever playing spoons, BC (bull crud), and captins coming in our floor "lobby".
Fun times!!!! well every one have a good rest of the summer and get ready for a long school year!!! im gonna rule the school!!!! haha.