Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i have SO many things to catch up on but for now, school!
i can not wait for school!!! 6 more days of summer! :( sad, but i cant wait until i rule the school with all my friends! my teacher (who im SO excited about!) is Mr. Spommer!!! My brother had him and he thought he was a blast!!! a whole bunch of my friends r in that class 2 ( including my friends that r just moving to the school, Hannah Suzuki, Reagen, and more, im so spoiled!) but it is also sad cause some of my friends r in other classes 2! they think there teachers wont be so bright but ive still heard great things! cant wait!!!
Bear Lake was a blast (like always) it was fun 2 see my family!!! pictures hopfully in the next post so beware for a long post!!!!
Aspen Grove 2!!! love it! i havent been there forever but we got the chance 2 go again and im so blessed! we meet new friends and got together with old friends too!!! we went on a 4 mile hike up to some beautiful waterfalls that i wish so much i had a camera 4! our counclers were great! we wanted 2 stay up forever playing spoons, BC (bull crud), and captins coming in our floor "lobby".
Fun times!!!! well every one have a good rest of the summer and get ready for a long school year!!! im gonna rule the school!!!! haha.


Linda said...

You are an amazing writer for a sixth grader Elle! Of course what else would you expect, coming out of your family! Loved hearing about your thoughts on school, Bear Lake and Aspen Grove. We miss you around here! Can't wait for the pictures!
Love you!

Hannah said...

I am so excited to be in your class!


Claudia said...

Hey, Elle! I love reading your blog. Good luck in sixth grade!

Shawni said...

How the heck can you type that much when you haven't taken a typing class yet? Way to go baby!