Sunday, March 22, 2015


yesterday was crazy.  I attended two baptisms & two mission call openings.  My fantastic friends Kayla and Ashley were BAPTIZED.  SO EXCITING.  Kayla has been going to church with friends since she was 12 and was bound to get baptized but her family wanted her to wait for a while until almost out of high school & since she is graduating this year she went ahead and did it.  It was so happy and I am so proud of her.  Ashley was baptized too and she is the sweetest and such a good example.  It was rockin to go to both and see them become members.  AH.
Kayla is the one two down from me in the purple dress:
THEN my cousin smith and friend Cole got their MISSION CALLS.  Its insane and it is so scary that so many boys are going to be leaving me so soon.  Smith got called to New York, New York Spanish speaking which is flipping incredible & cole got called to Honduras which is also radder than rad.  I loved watching them open them and all the friends and family getting so excited.  it makes me so sad for when Max will get his but he is going to a semester of college first so it will be a little while. :-))
Smitty grinnin about New York:
Ah so excited for all them.


so morp just happened.  first dance. & how the heck was i supposed to know that is so much work geez.  it took my group the absolute longest time to figure out what our "day date" was going to be but it turned out freaking awesome.  My date was Brett and he was the best.  He is the funniest guy and one of my best friends.  The theme for morp this year was "movie characters" and of course im the worst date and didnt finally decide what we were going to be until the morning of.  We had so many ideas and lists but we couldnt decide on just one until last minute and that last minute choice wassssss: Sandy and Danny. HA.  from Grease..not so creative but it was easy lol.  I went and picked him up and we had pictures at my house where my lovely mother took them of us.  This is our bumpin group:

We had Drake who was Flynn Rider but his rapunzel couldnt make pictures:

My date Brett & me greasin it up:

Clayton & Hannah as Superman & his gf:

Cutter & Jayne from the show "Recess":

Todd & Sarah from Footloose:

Karigan & Spencer as TMNT:

Jared & ally as Princess Peach & Mario hahah:

The gals:

 & these guys:

we looked good.  Anyway we went to Pei Wei where I gave a lesson on how to eat with chopsticks and we headed to the dance.  it was seriously THE BEST.  we danced so much it was incredible and it was burning hot in that place (school cafeteria).  Anyway we went buck and afterward we went to sonic which was everyone else and their mom's idea.  SO it took a while for us to get our food but good times.  We then went to my friend Lindsay's where a bunch of groups were and we got to be with a bunch of friends.  Some of the outfits they came up with were too good so me and brettle were wishing we did a little better HA but oh well it worked out good and i dropped him off and passed out in my bed.  i was exhausted lol im sure with everyone else. 
    the next day i got the best surprise though because after church i was taking film pictures of my friend Brie for our film photography class when i got asked to PROM! ahh! My date gave me a little box with thrive and chick fil a gift cards and a home-made board game to figure out who had asked me.  the game was a little tricky hahah. well maybe it was just tricky because it said to roll a dice to figure out who my date was buuuuut well there was no dice.  But soon enough 2 minutes later there was another knock on the door with a dice with all threes on it.  haha and it landed on the greatest guy : Nick. IM STOKED! Prom is gonna be so fun and thrive and chick fil a are 10x better when they are no money to me :-))) hahahaha

Monday, February 16, 2015

life lately--via iphone & selfie stick

         Soooooo obviously i am the worst at blogging but what the flip i dont care.  I have a pretty good excuse tho...I've literally been living in China...for about 5 months. SO that was fun.  Ill possibly post about it later cause there is a LOT to talk about.  It was insane. INSANE.  I went to school there, traveled around Asia, and learned more than I ever would in my non-diverse little high school here.  it was honestly crazy and i would not want to go back soon but I would never give up that experience for anything. I got back on Dec. 28th, 2014 and it was the greatest moment.  the Barneys running towards us in the airport and man oh man it was fun to see Americans, especially americans that I know.  My friends were waiting at my friends house so that was a big suprise to see everyone so soon but geez ive got the best friends.  Ok anyway a couple weeks later before school started me and three of my friends packed up one of our cars with blankets, sleds, hot coco and headed up to the snow.  We just spent the day there sledding and having fun.  Of course we had to bring the chinese selfie stick i brought back cause why not. And then the rest of the pics are just random from being back in america. 

Missed my ward so much its crazy.  The fact that I only had one other yw besides my sister in China, it was a big jump from this bubble in the desert.

My cousin slept over & we went bowling......honestly dont know what I would do without my cousins living so close.  They are seriously the best ever.

and yaaaaaaas my first dance. ever. cause im a baby and right when I turned 16 we moved to China lol.  But im beyond stoked.  I had my friend Mckenna go and set a poser and cookies on his porch with a little saying asking if he would go to Morp with me while I was in China HA.  Everyone was being asked while I was still in China so I had to act fast lol.  Anyway he is the greatest and one of my best friends and so he answered me a couple weeks after me coming back.  Im stoked but holy cow its a lot of work.  Our day date in next week and we still need to plan it...we have ran through so many ideas but they are not workin out.  AND Morp is like a themed dance so the theme this year is movie characters and me & Brett (my date) have no clue what to be.  Lots of ideas but we can not figure it out.  Im the worst with decisions. But its gonna be so fun and this is how he answered:

Gilbert high is or rival, and its the worst school I think. lol not really but really.  Our girls and boys soccer team is really good this year.  and since they went to playoffs, we were playing Gilbert and of course we had to do everything we can to show Gilbert high that we are better than them cause thats what rivals do right?  So we all had "NO Pity For The Kitty" shirts. HA and we crushed them.  Then, saturday night the girls soccer we played state and WON.  It was buck and we won with 6 seconds left in overtime.  love my school.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

mother's day hike.

steps to the best way to celebrate that momma of yours:

STEP 1: Pack up everything (plus dinner) and head out to your location on choice:

We chose the hieroglyphics hike.  Its a cool one thats for sure. Make sure you know where youre goin and pile everyone in the car.

Now guys start getting stoked cause this is the start of that mother's day hike.

 STEP 2: Go out there and just take as many pictures possible of the beauty (just try not to trip and fall multiple times) :

The desert can seriously amaze me. What a beaut lol.

STEP 3: Find a spot with well....less rocks than usual, and set out that blanket and food of yours:

STEP 4: Take more pics even before heading out again to find those hieroglyphics lol:

STEP 5: You have arrived to the coolest part of the trip yaya go you:

enjoy those cool designs and works of art b/c i must say they are pretty cool.
Bonus Step: Make sure you bring your cool photographer uncle to maximize fun and beautiful pics:

Last and more important step: Hug that mamma of yours and thank her for all the things that woman has done for you:

shes a keeper

xoxo, elle