Sunday, June 20, 2010


1. You care for me
2.You listen to me when i have a problem and help me with it
3.You teach me to work harder and harder each day
4. I LOVE when i get to go play tennis with you
5. Earning all the money in our family so we can go on fun trips and the awesome things we have
6. You let us make breakfast for dinner when mom is gone (haha)
7. You make everything so much more fun!
8. You understand me
9. You are VERY humble!
10. I LOVE YOU!!

Thanks Dad for EvErYtHiNg you do!

P.S. I can list WAY more than 10 things but in this case ....i will take up too many pages. But I will list one more...
11. I love if when you take me to get my favorite thing....FROZEN YOGURT!!! :) Yum!

Love you dad and i'm thinking a lot about you!


Chlobird said...

oh my gosh that first picture is sooo cute that is so nice of you i love your blog! you go girl!

Jonah and Aja said...

you are a great daughter for putting this post up about your dad.

kiley barney said...

Elle, I love it!

hannah h. said...

i love your blog! i have one but it is private i dont know if you want to give your email to me but if you want to id love it!i just moved from az about a year ago and my friends know reagan i saw her in some of your pictures i should post about fathers day too!
P.S. im 10 years old!!

Hannah said...

You are so sweet to write about your dad! I might just have to write about my dad too. :) You are so awesome Elle! Olive Juice!