Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it's that wonderful, magical day again this year!!!! I LOVE Christmas! It is my favorite holiday!!! The nice weather outside, hot coco by the fireplace, giving, receiving, and most of all... thinking of Him on this amazing winters day.
This year......
Grace and Claire came running into Max's room, (where Josh, Max and me were) and yelled, "Santa came!!! Look our stockings by our beds!!!" at 5:10 a.m.!!! I went back to bed and then woke up from Max shaking me and telling me we were supposed to wake mom and dad up right now. I (finally) woke up and we opened our red and green stockings that lay besides our beds. We all received candy, oranges, and small games. Not long after that, Max, Grace, Claire, Lucy, my mom, and dad, and I sang on the stairs and ran downstairs one at a time. We were all so excited to see Santa had made it to our loving home. A new computer and TV for are family and each gift for us kids. The spirit of Christmas was in the room. I LOVE Christmas SO much!!! We chose names for Christmas and this year, I got Max. I was SO exited to open it. I went shopping with my friends and I had already thought of the present...... His "Dream Hat"!! We got to The Hat Club, and i couldn't find the right hat . I kept looking until I decided on a DC hat. I got it and on Christmas Eve night, he received it. He was very happy and thankful. Lucky, he liked it almost as much as his "Dream Hat". I loved staring at him opening the layers and layers of wrapping paper to find The Hat. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Pictures to come!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo Booth!!!

Claire, Aunt Chi Chi, and Max!
Ok this is the coolest thing on the iMac EVER!!! Photo Booth is the BOMB and we use it all the time!!!
Me, Brooke Carling, and Makenna Hicks!!!
I could barely tell who was who in the top one!!!

HAHA!!! I am just sitting here laughing!!! WOW!!! This is the Best!!!
Love Photos!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

PhOtO sHoOt!!!! (call me if interested!)

My two other friends and I are doing a Photography business and we first tested the camera on our friends so this is what I took.....

Yes, I know this top picture is not one I took, but I edited this one along with all the others I took.

You can see the "Nikon" strap on her, ya she is one friend how is doing the business with me. She took amazing pics, too but I don't have them now.

I love these bottom and top pictures because you can see all her awesome freckles!!!

Look at her curl!!! Awesome!!!

If you want any pictures, contact us!!! Leave a comment to get in touch!!!
We are (for now) just taking pictures of kids!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer Season and Family Tennis Tournament!!!

Tennis Tournament!!!

Soccer was the BOMB!!!! It was my first year and i LOVED it!!! The team was great and my friend's dad was the coach. I learned so much!!!
And tennis is GREAT!!! Im really loving these sports and want to keep playing!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 09'...... FINALLY!!!

Well, HAPPY (late) HALLOWEEN!!!!
Max's friend Hyrum, Makenna, me, Hannah, Garret (in the mask), Cutter, and Jeremy. Blake Barney also helped with a big part of it, but he wasn't in the picture. I have GREAT friends!!!
My friends and I built an AWESOME haunted House this year, it was a blast!!!
Hannah (was a witch, but went home and changed after a little while), me (I'll tell you as you scroll down), Makenna (a photographer), Julie (a pilgrim), Brooke (Hightop Queen), and Macey (the gypsy)!!!!!!

Me, a punk rocker!! (CrAzY!!!)
(Thanks Isabel for the great idea!!!)

Messy side pony and awesome pink streaks!!

Max, the ninja, (well, if you call wrapping a headband around your head a ninja)

Grace, the football player,(she looked AWESOME!!)

Cute little Claire Bear, the cheerleader!!!
We all joked and said Claire was Grace's cheerleader.

And Lucy, the kitty cat

I was SO exited when i got this honker at "Mr. Hershey's" house. He works at a Hershey's factory!!!! Yum!!! It is SO delicious!!!