Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer Season and Family Tennis Tournament!!!

Tennis Tournament!!!

Soccer was the BOMB!!!! It was my first year and i LOVED it!!! The team was great and my friend's dad was the coach. I learned so much!!!
And tennis is GREAT!!! Im really loving these sports and want to keep playing!!


Linda said...

I'm soooo happy to hear this and see these fun pictures! We should have had your mom in more sports! She would have been a natural! We just got off in la la land with the piano and violin and forgot about the sports for the girls. You're a lucky girl to have a mom who's willing to get you to these practices. Looks like so much fun! I bet you're good at it too! Is the season over? How was the rodeo? Charity is over the moon to be there with you!

Love you! Grammie

Summer said...

I am in loveee tennis and you are amazing!!!!!! we need to play eachother sometime! :)

ps-i have a little involves me you and a me if


Shawni said...

wow, cool new blog background. I love you baby.