Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bear Lake. (a little late) sorry!!

FINALLY! I'm SORRY!!! I've been so busy!! I'll POst about Halloween in a little bit but for now, Bear Lake,(like i said in the title, A little late!!!) ME!!

My great friend Isabel, and me on the beach one night.

I LOVE taking "jumping pictures", so here are a couple...
Grace, Caroline (Grace's friend), Isabel, and me.
Claire and her friend and the same on top.

Up in the "lighthouse".

Also, in the lake, Grace got baptised!!! It was so great to have such an experience!!!!

My Grandma and Grandpa are SO awesome!! The oldest grandkids,(group 1) got to go to Yellowstone Park in this RV!!!

Ok, my dear aunt Charity came home from her mission!!! It was amazing!!! She went to England. ENGLAND!!! (Yes, came home with a british accent and everything!!) We made a BIG sign!!

Sparkles with the McClellends!!


Rope swing in Bloomington Lake, SO FUN!!!!

Cute Little dog we found!! (Lu is a huge fan of dogs!!)

Lastly, Grandma and Grandpas house and nature.

In Park City, an awesome side!!!
I'm so sorry and I will post about Halloween in a bit!!!


Linda said...

WOW! Elle, this takes me right back to Bear Lake! How fun to see the things that you remember. I know that you must have taken some of these! It's amazing to think that you can't tell which ones you took and which ones your mom took. You are one great photographer!

Hannah said...

You are the best Elle! You are an amazing photographer and friend!

- Hannah

Shawni said...

Good job, Elle Belle. Love you baby.

Claudia said...

That was soooo fun! Thanks so much for inviting us! I hope we can go on another vacation together soon:)