Monday, September 7, 2009

Our slideshow for the Photo shoot!!!

This is hilarious. We did it on Hannah's computer. It really was all a big joke!! Haha! Oh yeah! and we took these all by ourselves and made the whole underwater and words and background!! lol!! We thought the side ponies were AWESOME!!!!! FUNKY was the "theme".

We are SO fire burning!!! HAHA!!!


Jonah and Aja said...

This is really MOM, Not Jo & Aja.

Hey Elle! You guys are so funny. Pretty creative stuff, you'll have to teach me how to do that when I get home.

I MISS YOU!!! How was your babysitting job? Call me if you get this. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elle! That was so fun! I will see you at school!


the Harris Family said...

My daughter Allie loves to do the whole side ponytail too. She loves it. Check out her blog sometime. it is