Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Over the summer we also went to this wonderful BYU camp called Aspen Grove. It was a BLAST!!! They had this amazing "rope course" which was a total hit. We had to climb up a log and hop onto a climbing wall in the air and when we got to the platform up on top, we walked along what looked like power lines.It was AWESOME!!!!! It was also fun to be there with my friends that live in different places like, Oklahoma, Ohio,and one pretty close in Mesa.

SO fun!!!!!
We went as a "reunion" so we went to the Aspen Fallies to compete against other reunions


Many acts!!

Fun badminton ALL the time!!

Family Pictures :( jk!!

And this is me and Lindsay, (who lives in Ohio)
It was the BEST!


Anna11432 said...

First comment!!! haha ;)
sounds like fun, although its even more fun without the safety cords, cos it adds a whole lot of adrenaline. I have yet to fall! :D
i like ur shirt (the limepeel colored green one).
Check out my blog sometime, k?
thx, and hope 6th grd is as fun in AZ as it was in VA (prepare for the BEST end-of-the-yr-party, cos the 6th grd ones always r AWESOME!!!). lolz
hope we (my family and i) can c u guys (u and ur family) sometime, preferably soon. we miss u!!! :)
its probably like, 11 AM where u r (2 hour time diff, i think), so i guess ur in school (bizarre, ours doesn't start for another 3 days) but i hope u check this asap.
Oh, before i go, i gotta say i <3 ur bg, although u could probably edit it to animate it, which is always cool. :D

Linda said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun! People are just drawn to you wherever you go! Sure love you!

elle pothier said...

This sure was fun. Love you baby.

kiley barney said...

That was AMAZING!