Thursday, September 3, 2009


These pictures are from my birthday. It was August 12. We went into a field, (once again!) The "VANS" are in style right now and i got some handy down vans from my friend. I LOVE them! So, my mom told me to wear them so it would show what i look like some days. Haha!!

Also, my mom and her friend came to the park with us and they took some pictures of my friend Hannah and me. It was very hot but it was still REALLY fun!!!

Cute little Emma, one of there adorable little girls, came and sat right by us while they were taking the pictures and smiled right into the camera! It was SO cute!!!!

Thanks for the fun pictures!!!


Josh said...

I love the handy down vans!

elle pothier said...

I love them too. Love you Elle Belle. Good job on all this blogging!

elle pothier said...

This is really your mother, not you.

Linda said...

Hey and this is your Grammie. What in the heck are handy down vans? I'm looking but can't tell. I LOVE your new format! So much easier to read and so artsy! Not surprising coming from Elle!

kiley barney said...

I love the vans also ;) haha And it love the shirt!