Monday, December 7, 2009

PhOtO sHoOt!!!! (call me if interested!)

My two other friends and I are doing a Photography business and we first tested the camera on our friends so this is what I took.....

Yes, I know this top picture is not one I took, but I edited this one along with all the others I took.

You can see the "Nikon" strap on her, ya she is one friend how is doing the business with me. She took amazing pics, too but I don't have them now.

I love these bottom and top pictures because you can see all her awesome freckles!!!

Look at her curl!!! Awesome!!!

If you want any pictures, contact us!!! Leave a comment to get in touch!!!
We are (for now) just taking pictures of kids!!!


Linda said...

Elle, these pictures are spectacular! I can' tell you're going to follow in your mom's footsteps! I can't believe you edited these too! This summer you gotta show me how okay? I love every one but I think my favorite it the three girls running into the field. Such great subjects to work with!
Love you! grammie

Katy said...

Hey El! This is Hannah. Tomorrow we will edit my pics! Those r soooo AmAzInG!


Shawni said...

I"m so proud of you Elle Belle. You did such a great job!!

Laurel said...

Elle, this is your aunt Laurel. These pictures are awesome! Looks like you are taking after your talented mother. Love ya girl!

Jill Ison said...

you are too adorable! beautiful photos! you take after your mama!

Claudia said...

Those are awesome! I wish I was as good at photography as you! I like the one of Brooke and her freckles too:) See you soon!

Annie Ruden said...

Elle, your photos are amazing! you are a natural. Keep it up!

Noelle said...

hey Elle!!! oh my gosh those pictures are so good!!! we are so good!!!

~noelle flake

Anna11432 said...

Hey Elle! Cute pics.
Wish I lived nearer to you, I'd be first in line for the offer, hahaha :)
If your family ever comes back to VA, our fams should get together (bring your camera! lol jk :D)
Happy New Year!!!
***~Peace, Love, and Laughter to All, and HAPPY 2010!~***

Noelle Flake said...

Hey elle. Its Noelle. The last comment i made says... "We Are So Good." i meant "You Are So Good!" Sorry for the mix-up.