Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Miss Writers..

I got a new blog. Not that i wont post here anymore but i will be doing both so keep an eye on both. I am doing this new blog with my sweet friends Hannah and Reagan. They are AMAZING writers and so we created our very own "writing blog"! It has been a BLAST so far! Hope YOU get the chance to check it out!!! Its a really fun blog so post comment to us and tell your friends! :) Heres the link....! Hope you enjoy reading both of them!


Blaine and Linda Gunther said...

hey my names hannah and i used to live in az!!good luck with school starting on wendsday!!P.s. i have a blog too but its private if you want id love your email!!

Blaine and Linda Gunther said...

sorry i was signed in in my grandmas account!!its really hannah

Tatum said...

Hey Elle! It's Tatum I want to know your schedule so I can give you my reviews on your teachers ;) See ya soon