Saturday, January 30, 2010

Claire's B-Day!!

Claire's B-Day...........A BLAST!!!
We had a BIG party (in the morning with our family) and it was REALLY entertaining! Ok, I have NO clue why this post is all highlighted!!!
This was the big day to get her ears pierced!! My mom tried to talk her out of it and going it next year or when she was 8. But, Grace convinced her that she did it when she was 6 so her and Claire could of said, "We both got or ears pierced when we were 6!!!!", and thats what they did.
Anyway, my mom baked the marvelous cake and my mom, my sisters,(Yes, Claire helped with her cake.) and me, made the flowers on in with a bunch of little candies. I thought it was an EXTREMELY creative idea my mom had!!!
We'll no we did not get her ears pierced at "Claire's" but we were about to until the worker there could only do it one at a time and it might hurt her so we went to Icing. Claire was there just sitting on the chair with little tears streaming down her cheeks. When my mom figured out that she had to have her drivers license, we had to call my dad and have him come and show his to her because she had lost it a while ago.
When al the paperwork was done, they shot the "gun". And.... we'll one "gun" was broken and didn't go all the way through. they had to "re"pierce that ear and Claire, Claire wasn't happy.
After it was all over she was proud and knew she was very BRAVE!!!! (We'll braver than me anyway.... I chickened out and waited until I was 7 but didn't cry. Claire did it when she was 6, and cried a little bit.)
After that adventure was over, we came back home to have some delicious cake and ice cream.
I love this picture (up). Lucy saw all her sisters give a "wide-mouth smile" to the cake in the picture before and she thought it was pretty funny (and fun)!!!



Linda said...

It's so fun to see this through your eyes! Claire is SO lucky to have you!
Love you so much!

Noelle said...

hey i love the cake!!! so fun!!! i posted so pics on my blog!!!

Anita and Tal said...

We wish we could have been there for Claire's birthday. Good job on the pictures!

Hannah Phillips said...

hey i luv that cake! can you check out my blog?