Friday, January 8, 2010

Sea World!!!

That's right Sea World. I took Oceanography at school.......... More homework, and a "Final Project" that took a lot of work. And FINALLY, it's time!!! It was in January (I know! Im pretty late!)!!! We went there on a Carter Bus and we were allowed to bring cell phones,(which I don't have) , I-pods, and more!!! It was SO amazing!!! I learned more about all the teachers and my friends and I had a FANTASTIC time! The animals were amazing. The rides were AWESOME and the hotel was really cool, too! Here are some pictures! I know, there not the BEST but, at least we will remember!!!

The club stopped by a big bell that the Japanese or I don't know who!!! But one thing i do know about it is that it is big and they gave it to California. They ring it like every 4th of july i think and New Year.......
.....Ya, it's BIG!!
I couldn't get really ALL of the pics in focus because of so much action and all that but (up) is some dolphins.
Well I don't have all the pictures but I will post more later on when I get them on our new Mac from Christmas!!! Pretty exciting!!!!!!!!
More to come!!!:)
-elle :) :) :)

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Linda said...

Wow Elle, how exciting!` I looks like a blast! Sounds like you learned a lot in the process too! I just love your blog!
Love you too! Grammie