Thursday, April 2, 2009


me,Lindsey, and Paige

This is me on my next tennis thing. I came in 3rd place and my friend, Paige came in first.


Linda said...

Congratulations Elle! Grandfather is "over the moon"! Third place is fabulous! You look darn cute too! Sure love!

Sarah said...

Elle, you are such a beautiful know what I like best? That you are so happy for your friend coming in first...what a good sport and a great friend. (and a great tennis player!) You should be proud of yourself.

Summer said...

Congrats! This is Summer Farnsworth. 3rd place, WOW! I love looking at your blog, it is sooo cute! I remember when you guys came up to our cabin, you guys need to come back! Hope 2 see ya soon!

(: Summer :)

Anna11432 said...

Hi Elle,
Great job and keep it up! Tennis is a really fun sport. Hope you keep the blog up, too. It's really interesting to see how different life is in AZ (including the insane weather factor: here in VA its still, like, 35 degrees). Tell Max and Grace to update their blogs too. Hopefully you'll see this soon, probably before your bro (girls are bit more reliable than boys, haha ;D) so tell him to check his comments, too.
Umm, I'm going to stop writing now, because I'm going to take up like half the page with my comment (I really blame it on the fact that I probably have ADHD. :D). Check out my blog, 'Live, Love, Laugh,' ok?