Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs!!!

The traditional easter eggs we decorate every year. Man, oh Man, I love to take these pictures of our eggs that we love to color and paint.

My great friend, Makenna came over and also helped with painting a couple. She was really good too!!! But, she can also be the most random person EVER!!! She made an egg that just had splated paint all over it!!! She's CRAZY!!!

Well some of these pictures I took and WOW it is so amusing to click a button!!! So the ones that have smiley faces are the ones I took.




Ya!! I know!! am I fantastic photographer!!!JK(Just Kidding!!)
Well, yes,as my mom said, her love rubbed of on me for loving to take pictures and coloring/painting eggs!!!


Anna11432 said...

Haha first comment!
LOVE the pics. especially the ones of your sisters. You're a really good photographer (sorry, you probably get that a lot!)

Shawni said...

I'm glad that love rubbed off on you, babe. Sure love to be crafty with you. Plus I forgot to mention on my blog that you took some of those pcitures. You sure are getting great at that. Love you.

Linda said...

Elle, you are truly an amazing artist! The eggs are just introductions to some great things to come. They're beautiful!

Hannah said...

You got that awesome talent from your mom!!! I love your blog. I check it every day!!! Make sure to keep me posted when you do new posts!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Elle! Your blog looks SO cute!!! Don't you love the cutest blog on the block!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noelle said...

Hey Elle it's Noelle from gym! I love your blog it's amazing! Elle please email me at I will email u my blog.


Abbey said...

Hi Elle,
My name is Abbey and I am 12. Your blog is cute. Check out mine some time... thnxs,@bbey