Friday, April 10, 2009

New Favorite Pictures!!!

This is me with my friend Makenna when we were REALLY little playing dress up or something. By the way, we made a blog called!!! It's really fun doing a blog with such a good friend.

Man oh man,I love little babies!!!! Look at cute tiny Claire!!!

Okay, this is me with Grace right after I tried to cut my hair on my own!!! Don't I look like a total boy!!!

Yes, Yes I got into some trouble a couple times(and by a couple times I mean a BUNCH!!!)

I know!!! Starting to ski at THIS age!!!

Me and my brother, Max, always made paper things.

Time with dad!

Okay, yes, I slept with all this stuff every night!!!!

Christmas Presents.

Me and my best bud in NYC.

and last but not least,ME!!!

So these are my new favorite pics!!!:)


Cole said...

Hey don't tell anybody. My blog is

Shawni said...

Oh Elle Belle...I LOVE these pictures too! They are SO cute and it makes me wish you would stop growing so fast! I love you with all my heart. Love, Mom

Linda said...

Elle, you were such an adorable little girl...and now you're turning into beautiful! I love you!

Hannah said...