Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a bunch of stuff!!!

We had a fantastic mother's day!!!! We made ocean panacakes!!! My loving mother is super nice and is great at taking pictures, being a mother, writing books, being a fun mom and much more!!!!!!
Oh my gosh i havent posted anything for SO long and so its about time!!! We had mother's day and fun with a bunch of friends lately since its SUMMER!!!! So just some stuff!

My bear and ME!!!!!!

Some of BFFs!! They are SUPER nice and sweet!!!
Macey, Makenna, Isabel, Emma (who moved to Virgina!!!! :(:(:(:(:( And me!!!!!


Hannah said...

Hey Elle! I love your blog! How are you? We should hang out this summer!

Linda said...

Wow, I love these pictures! What a blogger you are! How fun to hear your feelings about your mom and to see you BBF!
Love you,

Summer said...

Okay... I ADORE your blog! This is Summer Fansworth, i have a blog but yours is soooo cute! I LOVE it! I love all the funny stories about Lucy!