Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What are we going to do without the Greenes!!!

Holden,12(max's age)

Claire,4(Claire's age)

and Katie,8(Grace's age)

Oh, no!!!! What are the Pothiers going to do when our best friends are moving to Virgina in April? These are such good friends that we have known for EVER!!!! And they are leaving us in Arizona to go to Virgina!!!!!
HELP ME!!!!!!


Mrs. Ruiz said...

What am I going to do without Katie in my class? She is such a bright spot-as are you, my dear!!!

Linda said...

Wow, that family almost seems like our family too be cause we see so much of them when we're there. You'll just have to go visit them...they are going back to your old home. Good luck surviving the separation anxiety!
Love you,

Claudia said...

I am totaly going to miss the Greenes,too!I have fun reading your blog!
See you soon,