Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Lucy, as you know, has been having some problems and I really was dreadfully worried about her. I just didn't know what to do to help her, until one Saturday night.
My friends and I were watching a movie, when after the movie was over, we decided to go to play on the computer. I read the topic for my moms post. It said "Lucy." I started reading it with my friends also reading. It stated the most heart felt post ,I started crying. My wonderful friends, Makenna and Sarah were so nice to comfort me and kept saying "It's okay", and "Elle, am SO sorry!" It made me feel so happy and I suddenly felt a lot better.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU Sarah,Makenna,and all of my friends for helping me feel SO much better!!!!!


Linda said...

I have to agree Elle! That post was just the most beautiful thing I've read! I had exactly the same reaction. I just sat down and cried! First, because we love Lucy so much but also because I love your Mom SO much! You are so blessed to have a mom who can express in deepest feelings so amazingly well. I think you're going to be just like her! I loved your post! Lucy can't help but do amazingly well, even with her limitations with you as her big sister! I love you so much!

Shawni said...

Oh Elle Belle...you are one amazing girl! What a sweet, heart felt post. I agree, you have amazing friends who will help you through anything. And that little sister of yours...well, she's the luckiest ever to have you for her big sis. I know you will help her SO much in everything she does just because you're YOU. You are one amazing girl Elle! I'm sure missing you! I hope you're having a fun time while we're gone. It has been so fun to talk to you on the phone every night.

I love you babe!!!

Mrs. Ruiz said...

Elle May!! My first amazing Pothier girl!! You are so kind and loving!! Much love to you!!