Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, you guys already know that my mom and dad went on an amazing trip to Mexico(WITH OUT ME!!!) for Wed.-Sun.!!! Well, while they were gone I HAD to do something fun?!!!?
Well, on Friday night I got together with some of my friends Breanna,Meg,Blake, Garret,and Todd. We each got 2 rolls of toilet paper,and ran outside talking about who we will TEPEE!!! We chose one of the boys' friends. We ran over there and on the way we met up with Blake's sister, Kiley. We stopped and talked for a while and Meg, Breanna, and Kiley stuffed their toilet paper in their hoods. It looked hilarious!!! We finally got there to the end of the street and we used every little bit of toliet paper. It covered their whole front and back yard!!!!!! We walked away and ding dong ditched!!!! While we were hiding, Blake and Breanna started texting on their phones.Here is what they texted:
Hi. Hi. Whats up? I'm sitting. Me too!!! I'm going tepeeing!!! Me too!!!!
Then that was it. We kept walking untill we spoted an upside down "Dead end" sigh. What more like dne daed!!!!! We all gathered around "it" and Kiley toke a picture on her phone. Man, I wanted her to send it to me!!! It was hilarious!!! I'm guessing some teenagers did it!!!!! Really?
Anyway, that night me and Breanna had a late late night. It was pretty exciting!!!!!

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Shawni said...

Wow that's a LOT of typing! How did you do all that? Even without a typing class you can type like a pro. I sure love you babe...glad you had so much fun. We'll ahve to have Kiley send us that picture.