Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer Season and Family Tennis Tournament!!!

Tennis Tournament!!!

Soccer was the BOMB!!!! It was my first year and i LOVED it!!! The team was great and my friend's dad was the coach. I learned so much!!!
And tennis is GREAT!!! Im really loving these sports and want to keep playing!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 09'...... FINALLY!!!

Well, HAPPY (late) HALLOWEEN!!!!
Max's friend Hyrum, Makenna, me, Hannah, Garret (in the mask), Cutter, and Jeremy. Blake Barney also helped with a big part of it, but he wasn't in the picture. I have GREAT friends!!!
My friends and I built an AWESOME haunted House this year, it was a blast!!!
Hannah (was a witch, but went home and changed after a little while), me (I'll tell you as you scroll down), Makenna (a photographer), Julie (a pilgrim), Brooke (Hightop Queen), and Macey (the gypsy)!!!!!!

Me, a punk rocker!! (CrAzY!!!)
(Thanks Isabel for the great idea!!!)

Messy side pony and awesome pink streaks!!

Max, the ninja, (well, if you call wrapping a headband around your head a ninja)

Grace, the football player,(she looked AWESOME!!)

Cute little Claire Bear, the cheerleader!!!
We all joked and said Claire was Grace's cheerleader.

And Lucy, the kitty cat

I was SO exited when i got this honker at "Mr. Hershey's" house. He works at a Hershey's factory!!!! Yum!!! It is SO delicious!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bear Lake. (a little late) sorry!!

FINALLY! I'm SORRY!!! I've been so busy!! I'll POst about Halloween in a little bit but for now, Bear Lake,(like i said in the title, A little late!!!) ME!!

My great friend Isabel, and me on the beach one night.

I LOVE taking "jumping pictures", so here are a couple...
Grace, Caroline (Grace's friend), Isabel, and me.
Claire and her friend and the same on top.

Up in the "lighthouse".

Also, in the lake, Grace got baptised!!! It was so great to have such an experience!!!!

My Grandma and Grandpa are SO awesome!! The oldest grandkids,(group 1) got to go to Yellowstone Park in this RV!!!

Ok, my dear aunt Charity came home from her mission!!! It was amazing!!! She went to England. ENGLAND!!! (Yes, came home with a british accent and everything!!) We made a BIG sign!!

Sparkles with the McClellends!!


Rope swing in Bloomington Lake, SO FUN!!!!

Cute Little dog we found!! (Lu is a huge fan of dogs!!)

Lastly, Grandma and Grandpas house and nature.

In Park City, an awesome side!!!
I'm so sorry and I will post about Halloween in a bit!!!