Monday, September 7, 2009

Our slideshow for the Photo shoot!!!

This is hilarious. We did it on Hannah's computer. It really was all a big joke!! Haha! Oh yeah! and we took these all by ourselves and made the whole underwater and words and background!! lol!! We thought the side ponies were AWESOME!!!!! FUNKY was the "theme".

We are SO fire burning!!! HAHA!!!

Photo Shoot!!!



These are some photos of my friend Hannah and I doing a photo shoot! It was a BLAST!!!! We Thought it was very creative and we had the idea to be funky!!! The side ponies were awesome!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


These pictures are from my birthday. It was August 12. We went into a field, (once again!) The "VANS" are in style right now and i got some handy down vans from my friend. I LOVE them! So, my mom told me to wear them so it would show what i look like some days. Haha!!

Also, my mom and her friend came to the park with us and they took some pictures of my friend Hannah and me. It was very hot but it was still REALLY fun!!!

Cute little Emma, one of there adorable little girls, came and sat right by us while they were taking the pictures and smiled right into the camera! It was SO cute!!!!

Thanks for the fun pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Over the summer we also went to this wonderful BYU camp called Aspen Grove. It was a BLAST!!! They had this amazing "rope course" which was a total hit. We had to climb up a log and hop onto a climbing wall in the air and when we got to the platform up on top, we walked along what looked like power lines.It was AWESOME!!!!! It was also fun to be there with my friends that live in different places like, Oklahoma, Ohio,and one pretty close in Mesa.

SO fun!!!!!
We went as a "reunion" so we went to the Aspen Fallies to compete against other reunions


Many acts!!

Fun badminton ALL the time!!

Family Pictures :( jk!!

And this is me and Lindsay, (who lives in Ohio)
It was the BEST!

First Day of 6th Grade!!!

Oh my Gosh i was SO excited to start school!!!! Some of my friends just moved to my school so its a blast!!!! Some are in my class and some are not. But they made a lot of new friends and like the school. I got the teacher who i wanted and i LOVE him!!!!

My mom had our favorite pumpkin cookies when we got home!!! Mmmmmm!!!!

Mrs. Claire, the Kindergartner, Graceful Grace, the 3rd grader, Max, on his 1st year of junior high and ME, starting 6TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!! haha

My mom was close not to buy this shirt when we went shopping because she didnt think that i would wear it but she ended up buying it and i wont STOP wearing it!!!

I love my class and teacher!! Im lucky my GREAT friends sit by me!!!!