Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo Shoot

Another wonderful and entertaining photo shoot! Hannah and I think it is the funnest thing EVER to do these adorable photo shoots! Today I took a couple of Hannah and I think they turned out really cute. My mom was so kind to let me try out her new camera! I really love it! We have a great time working with cameras together!

(P.S. Thank you mom, SO much for all the great things you do for me! Most moms really want to learn the many stuff that I can do in photography and I can just ask my caring mother. I love you so much and thank you!!!!!)
-elle :)


Hannah Phillips said...

wow those are awesome photos! can you check out my blog? heres the URL:
thanks! and i love your blog!

Hannah said...

Thanks for taking those pictures of me! You are an amazing photographer, friend, writer, and...well u r just good at EVERYTHING!

You r the best, Elle!


elle pothier said...


elle pothier said...
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Summer said...

Hey Elle!! (can you belive spring break is almosttt here!! are you skiing or snowboarding?? i decided to snowboard this year...or should i ski?) Whats your number??? I need a photo shoooottt!! I wanna make a cd and i want a good album cover...and i want a recent one....! :)

Noelle said...

Hey, love the pictures!!!

Shawni said...

Elle I'm so proud of you for these great pics! How lucky am I to get to be your Mom. I LOVE you.

Melissa said...

K i am skiing!! final desicion!
--this is Summer

Linda said...

Elle, how can you already be a pro at 11??? I know your mom is there to help but you and Hannah thought of all these great poses! Great work!

Miss M said...

Just found your blog on one of my follower's blog. :) I love it.

Julie Eyre said...

Elle, these pictures are awesome. I love that you took them at all different angles. Eli is trying to teach me some tricks about photography, but maybe I should come to you!

Mouse and Magoo said...

Hi Elle.
My name is Meghan and I found your blog through my Mom. She LOVES your moms blog and she is a photographer too!

Here is my blog if you want to check it out:

I love your blog!!!
Thanks and G bless!
Meghan <3

Mouse and Magoo said...


Jill Ison said...

Isn't Hannah cute?! my favorite is the one of her twirl jumping.