Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More and more fun cabins and so many clothes!

ok yes i know i need to post!!! well it has been pretty busy around here!

- First i went to the Barneys cabin which was GREAT!!!!!!!!! We went with alot of families and played many games like x-on, all kinds of card games, school in the school house, road rhinos and atvs, took many many pics, went fishing, and pulled many many evil pranks (mustahes, tepeeing rooms, salt in the beds and clothes nice guys!)!
- After that fuu we drove to the Williams cabin which was also a blast! We played played japenese faces, an awesome card game! And swam and played alot in the family center (in torreon).
-We later went home for 3 days and went back up to torreon to my cousins cabin, The Jarvis's! SO fun also! Tennis, swimming, family center, card games(again!), babysitting, and catching frogs.So soso fun! Thanks for inviting us!!!!!!!!!
-Next is about clothes! After a couple of days back from the cabins my dad came in with a bag of clothes! they are very cute!
Thanks for the fun at the cabins and Kiley thanks SSSOOOOOOO much for the clothes!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


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ok i love magmypic!!!! look at this cool cover!!!!!!


Look at the difference!!

This bread is the BOMB!!!!!
My mom and Max(my brother if u didn't know) made so really amazing bread!!!! The first batch didn't go so well cause they didn't rise but the 2nd batch made my mouth water and it smelled SO good. thanks gor the bread mom and max!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MAX!!!! Your 12!!!!!!

Max!!!!!! omg your now 12!!!!
ok i have no idea why that was underlined!!! But any way, u rock and ur the best brother i could ever ask 4. I usually hear about someones brother being "mean" but i never say anything except my brother and me get along pretty well i mean not like any other siblings. He always is helpful. He is super nice!!!! Max u r AWESOME!!!!!!! (way better than any other at least!!!!)

Oh and congrats 4 getting the PRIESTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max i really liked this pic dont get mad at me 4 putting it on the post u just look SO funny on the towel!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!! We r great good buds!!!!!
HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

This is SO much fun!!!!! This is at my b-day party!!!! My mom was taking jumping pics and i thought it went well with "RICHES."Haha!!!!