Thursday, June 4, 2009

MAX!!!! Your 12!!!!!!

Max!!!!!! omg your now 12!!!!
ok i have no idea why that was underlined!!! But any way, u rock and ur the best brother i could ever ask 4. I usually hear about someones brother being "mean" but i never say anything except my brother and me get along pretty well i mean not like any other siblings. He always is helpful. He is super nice!!!! Max u r AWESOME!!!!!!! (way better than any other at least!!!!)

Oh and congrats 4 getting the PRIESTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max i really liked this pic dont get mad at me 4 putting it on the post u just look SO funny on the towel!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!! We r great good buds!!!!!
HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!


elle pothier said...

I love that you love Max so much, Elle. It makes me happy that you're so close in age and that you help each other out. Love you babe!!!

elle pothier said...

This is really Mom. Love you.

Hannah said...

Congrats Max!