Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dance and Gymnastics classes

Please Join!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

We would love to come but we would have to travel all the way from Ohio every Friday! That might get too long! :) Have fun and what a cute blog you have!

kara jayne said...

Darn!!! Ella is 8 1/2...too old. Good luck with your class!!

Ellie McFreaken said...

Elle...Ellie and Molly would love to join too if we lived closer. What a great... idea have fun!!!

bostonshumways said...

oh elle, i wish hazel could come from boston! love your blog....thanks for linking to hazels.

Kate said...

Holly (Kleven) has a dance class on Thursdays and she's always begging for more so we would love to try it out! She will be there at your house on Friday at 4:30 :) She will love having all you big girls helping her. I'll ask a few of her friends too. Great idea! Thanks,

Leigh said...

Little Miss Elle,

I SO wish we lived closer to you. My Keagan would have loved being in your class. Your momma must be so proud of her little girl... getting a job ALL on her own. You are a doll.

May Lane said...

HI Elle,

My name is Jessi Osborn & I work at Blissful Living Studio. I follow your Mom's blog & just read about your classes on Friday. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter named Presley. She would love to join your classes. We live in Chandler so were close.
My home number is 480-883-3457
We look forward to your call.
Jessi & Presley

aelizabethgarner said...

Elle: I am so excited you are starting a dance class. You will have so much fun. If you need some fun music call me and I will make you a fun CD of all those dancing songs. Remember the most important thing about dance is to have tons of fun doing it. I miss seeing you and can't believe how big you are getting. Good luck, I want an invite to your first recital. Love Miss Annie

ellen said...

Good luck on your new business adventure!

My daughter would love to come but we live much too far away. :-(