Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

mother's day hike.

steps to the best way to celebrate that momma of yours:

STEP 1: Pack up everything (plus dinner) and head out to your location on choice:

We chose the hieroglyphics hike.  Its a cool one thats for sure. Make sure you know where youre goin and pile everyone in the car.

Now guys start getting stoked cause this is the start of that mother's day hike.

 STEP 2: Go out there and just take as many pictures possible of the beauty (just try not to trip and fall multiple times) :

The desert can seriously amaze me. What a beaut lol.

STEP 3: Find a spot with well....less rocks than usual, and set out that blanket and food of yours:

STEP 4: Take more pics even before heading out again to find those hieroglyphics lol:

STEP 5: You have arrived to the coolest part of the trip yaya go you:

enjoy those cool designs and works of art b/c i must say they are pretty cool.
Bonus Step: Make sure you bring your cool photographer uncle to maximize fun and beautiful pics:

Last and more important step: Hug that mamma of yours and thank her for all the things that woman has done for you:

shes a keeper

xoxo, elle