Friday, April 26, 2013


highschool is so crazy. im in love with it.  ill mostly just let the pictures tell the story. lots of instagram. and thats kinda my addiction.

spirit dayz (a.k.a. fashion disaster day):

some of my friends and i got together on Presidents Day and used our day off school wisely and made a fun VIDEO on vimeo! <

my cousins and i had a little photoshoot for one of their b-days:

more instagramming......
we celebrated a great easter and i tested out my new Final Cut Pro while makin a video. 

my friends and i jumped in a freezing cold ice pool in our clothes for the first swim of summer:

the beloved highschool TENNIS season started and it was a grreatttttt year. (yes. enough to get 6 t's and 2 r's). I LOVED having it with all these grand gals who made it SO very entertaining:

 me and the mammasita went on a grand lunch date at the spa:

we had a couple CHOIR concerts and a festival:

 (i know, i know, excuse the bad iphone quality)

 some great dinna dates with some great friends:

the two makennas and I made a little post summer video on vimeo:

there has been some wicked sunsets here in the desert that blow my mind and i have lovely friends who are willing to stop to take a self-timer jumping picture with.

 me and lexa loo happened to match exactly one day without knowing:
 ......and we are always about that bus life this freshman year.  Its become our main source of transportation & we are just desperately waiting for the day to get our lisence.
 annnnndddd thats a wrap. oh and hey did i mention ive got some great friends? oh, cause i do.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

vimeo videos

         Lately i have been having a lot of fun trying to figure out new videos. I made this easter video and it was so fun so i decided to make a little video for general conference this week too. :) more to come!