Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brooke's Pictures :)

My great friend, Brooke took some really awesome pictures of me and my other good friend Makenna. She is SOOOO good! ;) Here are a few of my favorites and sorry they are so small! I cant seem to get them bigger! Sorry!
injoy the pics!

Thanks Brookie!
Now I have got to find the ones Makenna also took with her new camera...

~Elle :)


We come to this BeAuTiFuL place every summer...Bear Lake!!!! I LOVE it! we get to be with family that we dont get to see as often and just hang out by the lake :) I am so sick of the cold and ready to get into the heat! (I know, whenever it is summer, I wish it was winter and when its winter I cant WAIT to throw on my new polka-dot swimsuit and slip into my cool pool) ;) I really can barely wait to go to this beautiful lake! Well, im trying to keep up my blog so MAYBE (if i get to it) I will post every other day, or maybe everyday, it depends if im in the mood/zone...... :) (why do i do smiley faces so much???)
~Elle :) (there it is again! "The Smiley"!)
P.S. Sarah I want those pictures from the photo shoot!!! ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break :)

Spring Break was A BLAST!! We went skiing and up to the snow ;) This was a fun snowman we made while hanging out in the snow haha :) Lucy LOVED to eat the snow! (As you can tell.)

Sooo fun! More on it later! Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER!! Man I got to get on this ;)