Wednesday, February 23, 2011

114 days....

....until this hottie comes to the desert. (Okay, okay I know she is not cuter than me but she is at least the 2nd haha just kidding!) I cant wait! I have been like e-mailing her every day! She moved across the country a while ago and I almost DIED with out her! She is CrAzY, fun, cute, and AWESOME!! (Sorry this pic is like 2 years old but hey, since she isn't with me, sniffle, then I better get an older one. Better than nothin right??) Anyway, we are going to be doing some seriously awesome stuff!! We saw each other when we headed over there during the summer but she hasn't seen most of her friends who miss her also like nobodies business! I CAN"T WAIT!! (But since she is coming on her B-day...I will have to wait, sigh.)

Can't wait and i will try to find a better pic!! :)

P.S. I'm trying to go off soda 4 a year...well i have going since July 1 but it is seriously KILLING me! Can't wait till that's over!!