Saturday, September 6, 2008

Old Friends

This is me and my second cousin Alyssa. I wish we lived closer to her because she is so much fun!!

O.K, Claire was in LOVE with this dog!!

These are some great friends of ours. They stayed with us for a while!!!


Look at these beatiful hourses! I LOVE them! Look at those twiners below!!! There really cute together.
Who, isn`t this cute!!!! Charlie and Lucy have the same hair style!!! SO cute! Charlie`s a boy too. He must be inberest, but he looks SOOO good!!!

More of Bear Lake

These are some of my sisters, cosins, old friends, and me. We made an awesome mermaid!!!

Bear Lake

Here we are in bear lake on the Big Mable to going on the tractor. My cosins are so adoreble and my cosin Charlie and he says tractor like twacter. I heard it every day ,it is sooo CUTE!!!He`s on the top.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photo Booth

Hey guys,how are you?These are some funny pictures of me and my friends doing the photo booth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cute Lucy

` Look at cute little Lucy, she just gets messier and messier but I love her even when she is messy!


this is me just chillen and watching americans funniest video`s (im supposed to be laughing)

my friends

more of my birthday

me and my cosins did an awsome pose!

my birthday

I've been begging my mom forever to help me start a blog, and now finally here it is. I'm going to put some pictures of my birthday party here.I invited a ton of people!