Sunday, March 22, 2015


yesterday was crazy.  I attended two baptisms & two mission call openings.  My fantastic friends Kayla and Ashley were BAPTIZED.  SO EXCITING.  Kayla has been going to church with friends since she was 12 and was bound to get baptized but her family wanted her to wait for a while until almost out of high school & since she is graduating this year she went ahead and did it.  It was so happy and I am so proud of her.  Ashley was baptized too and she is the sweetest and such a good example.  It was rockin to go to both and see them become members.  AH.
Kayla is the one two down from me in the purple dress:
THEN my cousin smith and friend Cole got their MISSION CALLS.  Its insane and it is so scary that so many boys are going to be leaving me so soon.  Smith got called to New York, New York Spanish speaking which is flipping incredible & cole got called to Honduras which is also radder than rad.  I loved watching them open them and all the friends and family getting so excited.  it makes me so sad for when Max will get his but he is going to a semester of college first so it will be a little while. :-))
Smitty grinnin about New York:
Ah so excited for all them.


John Ashton said...
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John Ashton said...
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John Ashton said...
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John Ashton said...
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Anonymous said...

I love you Elle! You're awesome. Look for two graduation gifts in the mail. from panomynous

Anonymous said...

U.Hospital. 5 West. Call me? (801) 581-2811. Access code 001 (James Bond?). Just 1(lol). Ask for John, not Panama or Pan. Or leave them your cell(e) phone number? Thanks. John.

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Anonymous said...

black flowered dress, 1,000 hour study goal? exercise 3X a day. JA

Anonymous said...

1,000 hr. study goal down to simply studying the old and new testaments. Mixed with rest and relaxation. I did study over 600 hours in 2002, but was put on meds that made it difficult for me to concentrate.

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