Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Photo Shoot with my BFF's :)

Yes, me and my friends were VERY bored so we had a photo shoot with my new camera :) It was sooo fun and a lot of these pics were taken by Brooke too! this picture (up) was on self timer along with a few others ;)

Madison's "serious" face haha
Chloe being herself :)Brookie the Cookie (up)
We always are on our phones haha

Macey...oh macey you are awesome :)
This on of the pyramid was self timer too sooo...we trying our best

Brooke took some pictures of me too :)

and Makenna the other photographer there SOO fun :)


Brooke said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!! Those are soooooo flipping adorable!!!!!! You need to make a disc with ALL of them and give it to me!!!!!:) you are amazing!!! (and thanks for mentioning me.....:)

charity said...

cute elle!!!! love you!

Sarah Jean Crawford said...

Dang we are HOT! Just like Brooke said we need them ALL! They turned out really good! We are ALL great photograpehers! Love you!

Eyrealm said...

What a gift you have Elle! And I don't mean just your camera but your EYE! You see things that others miss and....you are the master of the timer! Amazing!

Hannah said...

HOW FUN ELLE! :) Those are adorable pics!

lora said...

WOW! you have an AMAZING camera! :) and you are all so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! and ya..how did you do the pyramid with the self timer?! haha well i love to read your blog! :)

richard said...

You are the world's greatest 12 and under blogger!
Shall I send you the trophy?
Love Grandfather (GF)

richard said...

L, you win the prize for greatest blogger in the 12 and under category!
I sure love ya!
GF (grandfather)

Kiana Bates said...

Cute photos!
Just found your blog :)