Sunday, May 8, 2011


Thats right! This girl got her very own CAMERA!!!! I have been saving up for this camera for a LONG time now! YES! It is a Canon Rebel Xsi and I LOVE it! I have been taking zillions of pictures. :) I am so excited to get more into photography! :) I took many pictures that I will post tomorrow or Tuesday or... i dont know but I will post them! Pinky swear ;) I paid for half with my well earned money and the other half is my pre-birthday present from my parents :) Thanks so much! I'm SOOOO Psyched! :)
Pics are coming! ;) (Hint: They are of cute kittens & some are kinda bad/blurry because im still getting used to my awesome camera!!!)


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

reotheOh my gosh thats awesome Elle!! You don't know me but I used to be in your stake(the conerstone ward) I am saving up for my own big camera too!! Have fun taking pictures!! This is my moms account but this is Hannah. I also know some of your friends!! The Cheneys? do you know them?

Lora said...

hey! this is lora! is you remember me..haha that is SO exiting! you will be a good photographer like your mom!

Hannah said...

I am so excited for you! Olive juice!
Hannah+Elle=Photo Shoot!

pakosta said...

Elle, I read your mom's blog and I love yours too! My girls are 11 and almost 10 and they love to read your blog! you are so great with your camera! so happy you got your very own!!! YOu deserve it, you are such a nice girl!

Grace said...

Good luck with your camera! I think your blog rocks!